Friday, September 30, 2011

Animation and storyboarding

Now that I am done with my music studies, I can start spending some time on my other creative passion -- animation! I am quite the fanatic of hand-made animation -- whether it's hand-drawn or stop-motion, I find it wonderful to watch and to create. I haven't produced anything in years but the time has come to do it!

As some initial inspiration, I had great joy composing music recently for a short stop-motion film by John Hankins, titled "Helping Hands":

So my first animation projects will a series of shorts under the title "Tales from the Perilous Quill" (hence the title of this blog). Tonight, I started storyboarding out the first short, which is called "The Birthday Party". I won't say much else about it except it's inspired by the cartoons of Gahan Wilson and Edward Gorey.

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